Elim Baptist Church
645 James Ave Beausejour, MB

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Missions - Go into the world and preach the gospel

Elim Baptist Church is supporting Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin in their mission work in Cameroon. Jeff is a seminary professor there training new pastors.

To follow their ministry, check out : 


 Elim commits to supporting campers and volunteers at Camp Nutimik each year. 


Camp Nutimik
Box 35040
RPO Henderson
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2K 4J9

PH: (204) 415-9007

Camp Nutimik  fees they charge campers and other rentals each year do not cover all costs and therefore they need to raise funds to help cover operating expenses.  A parental survey with the question “Did your child experience personal growth at Camp Nutimik this summer”, bore the following results:  65% agreed and 20% strongly agreed.  We need to pray for our camp and support it financially as best we can.  Donations can be put in the regular offering, marked CAMP NUTIMIK.

Camp Site Address:
P.O. Box 68
Seven Sisters, Manitoba
R0E 1Y0

NAB Conference Mission Supports 42 missionaries in Brazil, Cameroon, Japan, Hispanics for Christ in South America, Hungary, Philippines, Russia, and short-term ministries in various other countries.

 Chain of Love is a ministry that provides loving homes to homeless children in Brazil. Elim supports this ministry annually. . 


Fulbe Missions



Contact Aminu Mosoba: [email protected] 
Elim has committed to "walking with the Fulbe:" - a Nigerian group on the Mambila Plateau, primarily a Muslim area. Aminu Mosobo is the local pastor. We supported our previous pastor, Jeff Kilmartin, while he and his family ministered to this group for one year while he was on sabbatical from Elim. Now that Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin have returned to Cameroon and Nigeria, we are once again  supporting them in their ministry there..